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Bitcoin Trading Signals 2022

Feb 6

There are many ways to earn money with Bitcoin. You can consider following premium Binance Spot Signals. Alright, let's first discuss why you should buy Bitcoins. 

You are of course driven crazy by the news reports that Bitcoin is going to a new record high, and therefore want to stock up on Bitcoins, so as not to miss the boat.

Or maybe many friends recommend that you buy Bitcoins because they have them themselves, and occasionally drive you crazy with their win rate.

These are of course good reasons, of course you want more value for your money – but the main reason why you should buy Bitcoin is because of the technology.

The technology behind Bitcoin, called the blockchain, is what it is all about and what the real innovation is.

What is the Blockchain?
The Blockchain should be seen as a public cash book.

In the blockchain you will find all transactions, and it is kept track of who sends (numerically) Bitcoins to whom, and how many there are.

The Blockchain makes it possible to send money to someone, without a third party having an interest or having to have a controlling party. In this case, this is the decentralized blockchain – however, it does not have to make a profit, because this is purely technology.

Thanks to the blockchain you can transfer Bitcoin to someone in Japan, without having to make transaction costs or long: the other person immediately has his/her Bitcoins.

And that is where the real innovation lies.

When is the right time to buy Bitcoins?
So, when is the right time to buy Bitcoin?

Let me start with a Chinese saying:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Do you see what I mean by this?

There are so many people waiting for a dip. They only see the price of Bitcoin rise (for example to $ 8000), and hope that it will drop a bit (to $ 6000). However, when it drops (to $5,000), they are afraid that the price will not go up again, and again wait for the price to stabilize, so that they end up buying more expensive (at $8,500). .

As a result, you not only invest more money, but also more time.